LAV Lal Glass Champagne Flute - 230ml - Black

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The Lal range of Wine Glasses from LAV serves as a representation of the company's ongoing commitment to bring the highest levels of design and innovative styling to your drinking glassware.

A departure from the traditional flute silhouette, the tulip glass was developed in the late 2000s in an effort to better develop the finer flavour notes and aromas of champagne that some argue are inhibited by the narrowness of a flute. The use of a wider bowl allows for the champagne to achieve a larger surface area, which means a greater number of bursting bubbles, which in turn means more aroma being released. These aromas are then trapped as the bowl tapers back towards the rim, intensifying the sensory experience and thereby improving taste.

  • Wider bowl allows flavours to develop while preserving fizz
  • Dimensions: Capacity: 230ml Diameter: 50mm Height: 225mm
  • Fine Rim improves liquid flow for an enhanced taste experience
  • Dishwasher Safe

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